Hi, my name is

Cherqaoui Mehdi.

I build things for the web.

I'm a curious, self-motivated Software Developer based in Casablanca, Morocco.

Driven by the skill of acquiring new skills, I seek to learn and apply my experience in applications design, development and maintenance in order to transform an idea into a working ready to use product. A good communicator and team player.

About Me

Hello! I'm Mehdi, a software developer based in Casablanca Morocco.

I enjoys building things that live on the internet. I develop exceptional Websites and Web/Mobile apps that provide intuitive, pixel-perfect user interfaces with efficient and modern backends.

I hold a Master 1 (Bac +4) degree in computer science from SUPINFO International University and here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

Laravel & Vue.js
Tailwind CSS

where i've worked

  • ECA Assurances
  • Alphaboost
  • Freelance
  • Freelance
  • Freelance
  • Freelance
  • HR Expert
  • ONDA
Full Stack Web Developer
@ ECA Assurances
July 2021 - Present
  • Building the AUTO Product of Mongustave (website for comparing insurance quotes).
  • Integrate & Maintain third party web services in Mongustave (Quotes Providers).
Full Stack Web Developer
@ Alphaboost
March 2021 - June 2021
  • Building projects for alphaboost clients.
  • Working with different frameworks including Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind css, Alpine js ...
Full Stack Web Developer
@ Freelance
January 2019 - Present
  • Write modern, performant, maintainable code for a diverse array of client and internal projects.
  • Work with a variety of different languages, frameworks, and content management systems such as Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js, Tailwind css, JavaScript, Gatsby, React, Wordpress ...
  • Communicate with clients on a daily basis.
Software developer
@ Freelance
January 2018 - June 2018
  • Create a twitter automation software using python and twitter API.
  • Test the software using multiple twitter accounts and Tor nodes to create a social media campaign.
Game developer
@ Freelance
January 2017 - March 2017
  • Create and launch an HTML5 Game using game engine cocos2D.
  • Create and launch a 2D games targeting Android plateform.
Mobile Application Developer
@ Freelance
July 2015 - June 2018
  • Create and maintain an Android media player app.
  • Create and maintain the back-end service API for the Android app.
  • Communicate with clients on a daily basis.
Web Developer
@ HR Expert
Novembre 2014 - March 2015
  • Create a java based platform in order to manage employees salaries.
Web Developer
January 2014 - June 2014
  • Create a java based platform in order to manage contractors invoices.

some things i’ve built

Other Noteworthy Projects

Building an Ecommerce platform

A nice looking easy to use Ecommerce platform with the ability to add themes and manage products and sales.

Building a Media player app for Android

Media player app for android with a nice music visualizer and a customise audio list fetched from a RESTful API.

Building a Dashboard and API to create/manage audio lists

Web app which give you the ability to manage multiple media player apps and their audio lists.

Creating a Twitter Automation tool

Desktop app that uses twitter api and tor nodes as proxies in order to manage multiple accounts and create social media campaigns.

Invoice Manager

Making an invoice manager as a part of my internship at ONDA (Office National Des Aéroports).

Salaries Manager

Building a web app that Create/Manage/Send employees salaries as a gig at HR Expert.

My Knife Hit

Making a 2D game similar to the famous knife hit game using Cocos Creator hosted on facebook games platform.

get in touch

I'm currently looking for new opportunities, whether you have a job opportunity, a question or just want to say hi, my inbox is always open.